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Symbolic Lines in Framing members

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    Symbolic Lines in Framing members

    I'm trying to create a symbolic line in a Framing member that can be offset from the central reference by user input.

    I have the offset side of things sorted, however, I'm having difficulty getting the symbolic line to cut back.

    I haven't been able to find any solid documentation, however it appears that symbolic lines are automatically generated in framing members along the Centre (Front/Back) reference or possibly the reference that defines the origin in plan when the Symbolic representation is set to "From Project Settings"

    It also appears that if I add any Symbolic lines "From Family" and not on the origin reference The Cut back isn't applied?

    Am I correct in saying the above?

    And that means that I need to create the cutbacks in the family?


    You can add a ref plane at each end of the framing member called say SymbolicLineLeft and SymbolicLineRight. The symbolis line will be locked these ref planes. You can then add parameters to control the location of the ref plane which will allow you to move the ends of the Symbolic Lines.



      Correct, when you have the family set to "from project settings" the symbolic linework will automatically create the cutback based on your structural settings "symbolic cutback distance"

      Have you maintained the OOTB reference planes? you should have 3 per end, Left, Member Left, Symbolic Left for the left

      The weird thing is, when you switch to "From Family" the symbolic cutback seems to be hardcoded to some sort of imerial distance

      You can replace with your own reference plane and lock a set distance from the member left reference plane, but you will then loose the ability to use edit beam joins to get a clean mitre join etc.

      Hope that helps
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        When you say I'll lose the ability to use edit beam joins, would that only be in course view?

        In short I don't have an issue with creating my own reference lines to show the cut back of the symbolic lines (this is from the OOTB families, already modified a little). I'm more concerned now as to weather or not I apply the Offsets and Cutbacks to all of the current framing members or do I duplicate the families to have the option of offsetting.

        There just never seems to be a win-win in Revit.


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