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    TOPOGRAPHY: REVIT FBX> 3DS MAX (DESIGN) > Render Engine of Choice

    I have tried numerous ways to "add detail" to a Toposurface imported into 3ds Max from Revit FBX.

    When you import the Toposurface, usually you get a mesh that no matter what you do, its impossible to add resolution in case that for Visualization purposes in a fast and efficient manner.

    The Solution is to Convert the mesh to an editable poly, then export the mesh to an OBJ format from 3ds Max ( Make sure you export quads in the dialog options) and then re-import it into 3ds Max. This will force a connection (lines) between vertices and now you can select opposing edges and the "connect" command OR Use the "Tessellation" command to add more resolution to the mesh (in this case editable poly).

    Hope this helps!

    Please let me know if further details are needed or if someone has a better way
    Juan Carlos Moreno
    Store Designer & Merchandising Manager
    Sisley Cosmetics

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