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Lintels / Concrete Beams above Openings need more information...

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    Lintels / Concrete Beams above Openings need more information...

    Hi All
    Not sure why I can not find any good info on Lintels / Concrete Beams over openings anywhere. You would think this would be a great tool like a Door and Window when finalizing your CD's!?

    I use ACAD 2009 Architectural where I can put a 3D wall over another, change the Layer, give it a nice Hatch and Done; a Lintel over an Opening. SEE PIC 02 OF EXAMPLE

    Attached I made a (good start) of a Lintel for over an Opening.

    I have it able to change the Lintel Depth & Bearing (I guess I could of made it have adjustable Bearing on each side, depending on where it's located or what it's next too; but thats easy to change)

    = SEE PIC 01 ATTACHED for review

    1. I need it to have/show the MAIN snapping points to grab and move <|> to match the plans openings and lock to it (Just in case an opening moves/changes size it goes with it too).

    2. I would need a Tag of some sort to start a Schedule. (Was thinking a Door Tag type but not sure) Some other post had a MARK, under Identity Data, to be change to a # and be sched. not sue if thats right way to go, which might be fine too?

    3. In that tag somehow also state the HEIGHT to top of wall, [Note: Lintel will be placed above opening so that should/could be the starting point of the Height part] ex:
    L-14 <--- (Lintel #14)
    16" DEEP <--- (or 48"W x 16"D or 4'0"W x 3'0"D) Actually the Lintel Schedule will/should show TOTAL LENGTH

    My Std. TAG as of now = SEE PIC 02 ATTACHED
    Also shows a Revit layout of the Lintel w/ a HATCH to indicate the location of it.
    (Back to the MARK again I could add the L-14 in there and link that into tag?)

    4. In Visibility, since it is a DOOR FAMILY, I can uncheck all door elements and this Fmily remains clear (Hince trying to just show the Lintel only) and hope this is a good solution. any better thoughts let me know.

    Revit 2011 Arch.
    Hope I was clear enough on this.
    Any questions please let me know.
    Thanks for the help.
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    I didnt read the entire post (i stopped at This is How i Did it In Other Software...).

    I wouldnt use a door for it at all, i would use a piece of Structural Framing. I used to do all of my Lintels, and all of my Boxed Headers this way, when i was at a firm that did Structure as well. It worked perfectly. They schedule, they look correct both in plan and in sections/details, and theyre very fast to put in (two clicks).

    You can even make specialty families for it, out of regular Generic models or Secialty Equipment, if you want to be able to nest it in to a Custom Opening Family... But to do that it cant be Structural Framing or it wont Nest Correctly.

    But they work great either way. No need to use doors.
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      Originally posted by Twiceroadsfool View Post
      I didnt read the entire post (i stopped at This is How i Did it In Other Software...).
      You should have that allergy of yours looked at...

      As for the post:
      I would use Generic Models for nesting into the Opening Families. But that's just me.

      1. If you want to use separate families, use reference planes. Make four of them: one on each side (type: not a reference), and one on each side of the actual opening (weak reference). Make the opening_width parameter between the two inner refplanes instance based and you should see the grips in your project.
      2. You can use the OOTB Mark parameter for this, it will automatically number. If you need the tag to be type-based, use the Type Mark. Or you can create your own Shared Parameter for tagging and scheduling. To use a tag that reads out the correct parameter. Open the tag, select the label and change it to the correct parameter (if you created your own SP, you'll need to load this).
      3. Height of the wall cannot be done. How to respond to a sloped height (under a sloped roof for instance)? There's no way to schedule this without some trickery. In general: if you want to tag / schedule anything (including length): make the parameters you want to read into the tag/schedule shared parameters or it won't work.
      4. If you use a Generic Model or Specialty Equipment family (any other than Doors/Windows) you can simply check off Doors/Windows. You'll probably need to adjust the Cut Plan Height in the View Range to show the lintels, OR create symbolic representation as a filled region on floor level which you can switch on or off using Subcategories to show as needed in plan.
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