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Custom content vs. manufactures content & File locations

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    Custom content vs. manufactures content & File locations

    Yeah, My first post!.
    I am the "Revit guy" is a smaller firm & trying to come up with the best solution creating & storing content. As of right now we are using OOTB content & items we find on Autodesk seek along with anything I have created as we need to get the plans out the door. So here is my question, Do most firms create all of their own content? , Use manufactures content?, or both. My fear is whenever we bring in manufacturers content it tends to bring in a lot of extra stuff, parameters, materials, types into the project that I do not need and I am afraid it will cause problems down the road. However it sure is nice to have it premade. My other question, I am storing our Revit information in three locations. OOTB content I have people pulling off their local drive, Our company content is split in two locations. One contains office standards, master templates, master titleblocks, shared parameters, ect, and the other which contains Revit families that are client specific & company standards. My thought was to have the company standard master templates in a separate secure location from the rest. I am looking to see if this is what others are doing or advice on a more efficient way of doing things. I am starting from scratch and would like to get off on the right foot.

    Our current goal in our office is to eventually replace all of the OOTB content with usable content for SD, DD phase work in the office.

    When we specify manufacturers we evaluate their Revit content for usability (ie: Pella and Kawneer do NOT have good libraries, HECK does.). If they have good content, we use it. If not we create it for them This is where the evaluation part comes in. We check the families to see if there's any stray parameters that need to come out before loading it into our projects. We actually have an Unapproved and Approved folder for downloaded and coworker created families.

    In regards to storage, we have a "CAEC Content Center" which contains default libraries and templates in their own folder, but then along side that folder we have the content that we are creating and downloading for use in projects. We also have within each project folder a Revit > Project Families folder for families created spcifically for that project. Now these eventually get moved into the content center folder but this allows us to say "Hey, remember that light you made for ProjectXYZ? Let's use that" and know exactly where to find it..

    And of course we leave all default content in a deployment partition just in case someone desides to go in and put Justin Beiber faces in all of the default content in the Content Center... You know.. just in case.

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      Thanks, I appreciate the response. Sounds like I am on the right path. We however haven’t had the Justin Beiber problem yet.......I'll keep an eye out for it.


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