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    Windows restarts automatically

    So, I've been working till 2 am last night. Setting up my scene for an overnight rendering for a client meeting this morning. I leave the office, come back the next morning and find a clean desktop. Windows decided to reboot probably due to updates.

    Technology could be your best friend and at the same time your worst enemy. It would be very cool if Revit can automatically save the image after rendering.
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    Yah, that sucks big time... Had my machine auto rebooted once too - But only once... after that, I immediately changed the Windows settings to not allow Auto updates and Reboots.

    And yes, it would be very cool if Revit had the option to auto save the renderings...

    Actually I´ve been using the Batch Render Add-In when leaving the machine rendering an entire weekend... works pretty well
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      Grrr... We had a presentation a few weeks ago. The pop-up came up that it was going to re-boot and I clicked to dismiss for 4 hours... then the thing re-booted during our presentation, about 30 minutes later. Grrr!
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        The only thing that I can think of that is worse than having something to blame, is having nothing to blame. I lost a 24 hour render to an overnight lightning storm that the building's generators couldn't handle.

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          The old batch renderer that was floating around in the R9 days (with AR instead of MR) works fine still, as long as you copy and paste the relevant code from the newer UI sessions journals back in to it... You can make it render, save the rendering, export the renderings, change resolution, etc.

          EDIT: I should say, ive seen it render, and im assuming it can also change the settings and export. THe export/save/save image dialogues havent changed. But i havent messed with it since 2010, but it was basically the same.
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