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Linked AutoCAD hatch patterns not showing up in Revit prints...

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    Linked AutoCAD hatch patterns not showing up in Revit prints...

    The title kind of explains it. The hatch/fill patters show up in plan views in Revit, but when printed are only printing shaded areas. I have my print settings set to grayscale to keep ink usage to a minimum, but I wouldn't think this would affect the pattern? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

    Try changing print settings to Raster instead of Vector.

    also check here:
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      Changing print settings to raster helped minutely. Still not right tho and now Revit won't allow me to create my own hatch pattern to overlay the linked ones - just keep getting the "objects being created are not visible in this view. please check blah blah blah" - and then I check all the parameters and can't see anything that could possibly throw this off. I honestly don't understand the necessity for us to be using Revit in the first place if all I am doing is linking in all our drawings from AutoCAD and adjusting visibility graphics settings to hide the Revit model anyways... atleast not for this job. Thanks again for the input!


        With regard to the visibility issue, you may well find the answer in
        Ian Kidston


          Are the hatches showing up in color on screen? If they are, then they will get forced to some gray scale at print, and you don't have any control over that. Yellows and such will basically disappear. You might try Visibility Graphics for the view, and modify the Imported Categories settings. Even if you have linked the DWG you edit things under Imported Categories. Here you can assign black or a controlled gray to the layers in question.
          If you aren't sure what the layer is, you can select the DWG in the view, click the Query button, then click an object. This will tell you the layer you are dealing with, but sadly not let you edit the color of that layer.

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            Hi everyone
            Does anybody have a solution for this problem yet?
            We want to indicate hazard classifications on fire protection plans but too are experiencing some issues with hatch patterns not showing up in certain areas when printed - yes - even though it is visible on the screen.
            We tried using raster printing. This time all the hatch patterns printed, but everything printed awfully light - almost to the point where nothing printed - and also patterns bled thru the walls. I attached two pdfs so you can see what I am talking about.

            Another similar issue I had was when I tempted to filter the fire rated walls and override the wall cut pattern to indicate different fire ratings on plans, the fire rating pattern only showed in the GWB part of the stud partitions.

            That is exactly why I choose to avoid using hatch patterns for fire rated walls. Am I doing something wrong?


            raster.pdf vector.pdf


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