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Modify Tab problems

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    Modify Tab problems

    Hey guys,

    Got a problem at work, would really love some help!

    You know how when you click an object to modify it and the modify tab name changes as per the thing you are editing... Well my modify tab name is stuck on a particular object even though I'm not modifying it... I can't reset the ribbon being a work computer I have no access to app data etc.

    I think the problem happened when I was switching between local files because someone not in my office had been in the file and not relinquished their stuff, so I created a local file in their name to fix it and probably touched the roof somewhere in between and now it's stuck on this... please help!!!
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    Everything else works fine, I can still edit things as normal, when I click a window for example the modify tab reads: Roof blah blahlWindow


      Never mind, just restarted my computer and it's back to normal!


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