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Creating Detailed windows and Doors

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    Creating Detailed windows and Doors

    Ive been searching Google and youtube and i cant seem to find any good tutorials that explains how to make detailed doors or windows. Could some one help me get started?
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    What exactly are you having trouble with?
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      Could you share the steps that you would take in creating a door or window like the ones i posted. I'm a total noob at this program since i only started about month ago.

      I took autocad my junior and currently my senior year of highschool, but i really want to get a early start with revit.


        Family editor is not the easiest thing to work with... However the images you posted, show a complex door and window. It is not always easy to make these families fully parametric (create one, have all dimensions) and it is not always the correct thing to do.
        You will have to create a simple door from a template and then make tests with solids and placing dimensions, parameters and constraints... It is not easy to explain here I think and these two families are not suitable to start working with the family editor. Start with something simple.
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          Family tutorials

          Originally posted by dlggnation View Post
          Ive been searching Google and youtube and i cant seem to find any good tutorials that explains how to make detailed doors or windows.
          I think your search strings must have been slightly limited - I normally use +revit+xxx+tutorial and up pop a few youtube and/or blogs.

          To cut it short thought I would spend a few days going through all the tutorials on as he really breaks down quite a few of the basics.

          The other one you should invest time in is cadclips - loads on youtube and their own website.

          Then try reverse engineering doos already ootb (out of the box) and try breaking and re-making them.

          KEY Tip - try not to lock anything to other models - always make reference planes and lock to them, even if it seems simpler to lock to other stuff, other stuff breaks

          then have a go on really simple stuff.

          If you really need one of the families then have a look at - but you will have to pay - and I would recommend understanding how to make simple ones first.

          Then come back with specific issues you may be having and you will get loads of help.



            yes I learned quite a few good stuff from this blog therevitkid.blogspot, I have built few of my own now and am happy with them. It saved me quite a few bucks, as I was going to purchase very soon!
            XL Joinery Doors


              Also, if there is time to work throu a thick manual, there is a good one downloadable from Autodesk for free: The "Revit Families Guide". Happy reading :-)
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                For the second door would you use a decal? at least for the glass and ironwork? With a decent resolution image you can stretch and skew in photoshop. You are not manufacturing the door so maybe that would be sufficient and provide an acceptable rendered view?


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