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Absent functionality - or misplaced memory.

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    Absent functionality - or misplaced memory.

    Am I wrong to be confused why I can't filter by level elements in a linked file in my (window) schedule?

    I could've swore I used to do this in 2012, (which I've not got installed to check) - but working in 2013, I don't appear able to?

    I've just built a test model to test a family, built all the schedules to check the family works, then copy-saved the model, removed the elements and linked the orginal model in.

    All the schedules (set to schedule links) appear as they did before - save those filtered by level... and checking them, the filter dialog has blanked, and no longer gives me access to level as parameter.

    It's not the end of the world (I hate sliced-up-schedules) - but I just wanted to check I'm not going mad.

    Your not going mad and there's a reason for it
    We assume that Level 1 is the same for each file because... we want it that way. Revit doesn't use the name but the GUID therefore is unable to make the 2 ... the same.


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