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    Unfold Facade


    Is there a way in RAC 2011 or Revit2012 to generate 2D DWG of unfolded facade?
    We would like to generate some facade setting out dwgs of each surface of the facade.

    I tried using surface VIEWER in conceptual massing enviornment but I couldn't figure out how to export that view as DWG.

    Please see attached image of the facade.

    Thanks in anticipation.
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    Pfaulder | London, UK

    There might be other ways, but initially, this comes to mind:

    I would create work planes, based on the faces of that curtain system, then I would use the cube´s or the wheel´s menu to orient a view to a plane, to get a true perpendicular point of view to each face. Repeat this for every face. Then, export the views to .dwg, and edit/trim/erase each view in AutoCAD until you end up with only the face that you used as a reference in each case, whose edges will be in true dimension.
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      There currently isn't a automated view/unfolding tool in Revit, nor a commercially available plugin that does what you need.

      But! We've generated an in-house tool that would automatically generate a flat view of every panel face-on, ready for export for digital fabrication. Much like what Alfredo talks about here. That's how we work doing digital fabrication from our Revit models. Unfolding for Revit! So it would let you take a faceted model like this and get a view of every panel automatically made for you.

      It's not ready for ********* (hope to have it out later this year), it's still pretty alpha. Also it's not for sheet metal fabrication, for that sort of unbending you'll need to use a tool that knows about k-factors and such (i.e. NOT Rhino or Max).

      Or you could export the model to Lamina, Rhino, Blender, or Max for simple unfolding.

      Contact me at [email protected] or here on the forum via a private message if anyone is interested in being a beta tester!
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