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Interiors & equipment loading | Creating RDS & RLE packages

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    Interiors & equipment loading | Creating RDS & RLE packages

    Having heard about, (but until now never invesitgated) the subscription extension "Roombook" I've just done a search on here, to find THIS THREAD - and have since set to downloading it...

    Whilst that's chugging away, I've considered a spot of thread necromancy but decided instead to start up a new one... as mine's more a plea for help, rather than a "thank you" contribution to a "heads-up" thread.

    And so...

    Originally posted by Dandharma View Post
    It is useful as a tool more than key schedules and less than codebook/affinity/onuma for room data sheets.
    I was a bit disappointed in the furniture only elements which is surprising since the developers were working on healthcare projects at the time.
    In short, I have to find an alternative to ADB.

    I've recently learnt from our "loading team" that ADB will not work with our proposed library rename & resort... which is all tied in to our IT & QMS protocols. Add that to the long list of what ADB can and can not do, despite costing more than a Revit seat, I'm tired of it. And so are my powers-that-be.

    It's interesting to see Dandharma mentioing Codebook in a good light; we were advised by our "loading team" to drop Codebook, despite having used it in ACAD for so long, after they'd "tested" it's functionality in Revit (which versions I'm not sure)

    And yet, despite that "advice", we've still not created a single package set (of either RDS or RLE) using the Revit & ADB.

    And the joke's starting to wear quite thin. We need an viable alternative, that promotes working within the Revit/3D environment so that are "loading team" can finally be assimilated by our "architecture team" once and for all.

    Any and all advice appreciated.

    So I had a quick look late last night, and quite like how it works. I'd rather the "outputs" maintained an "in Revit" presence (and offer the exports as a feature) - and it'd be nicer if the counting/analysis/etc was "live" rather than require a refresh-click-of-a-button.

    But aside from the fact it only counts furniture (when we'd want to count electrical, plumbing, etc) - it doesn't appear to be a "true solution" - given it is just an extension to 2011, so we can't really adopt it until it's actually rolled into the core product (we'll move to 2012 some day after all).

    So again, a gentle prod / delicate bump / shameless beg, has anyone found a decent solution? Please.


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