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Help Fan blowing outside air to room

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    Help Fan blowing outside air to room

    Dear Friends,
    i am trying to design system with fan, duct and terminal blowing outside air to my room. fan located outdoor.
    Questions are:
    1. what fans should i use from family??
    2. What type of duct should i use in my room (return, exhaust, supply)?
    3. What type of terminal should i use in my room (return, exhaust, supply)?

    Your helps will be many useful for me.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Depends if you want it to look like a particular manufacturer or just something simple. If you are just making the design it can be a box called Fan with some parameters for information about its specification.
    Connecting the fan to the duct is not so important for the design because you can do all the air flows from the terminals. If you do connect a fan family to the duct make sure the connector in the family is set to 'calculated' and not 'preset', so that the duct tells the fan what the airflow is and not the other way.

    2.Supply, it is supplying air to the room. You can make a copy of the Supply Air duct system family, call it Outside Air and give it another colour etc. if you want to see that it is different from other supply air systems.

    3.Supply, with an airflow rate that you can fill in for each air terminal in the room(s). I dont use face or wall based families, because they are less easy to move, copy etc.
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