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Autodesk Composite - Not booting up

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    Autodesk Composite - Not booting up

    Howdy folks,

    I was wondering whether anyone here is using autodesk composite?

    I have it on my machine at work and I have seen some videos on youtube and wanted to have a little play around with it but...

    it doesn't boot up at all, I have 2011 and 2014 and neither boot up. They are showing up as a running process in task manager but not in applications, I have done a search saying remove the hyperthreading because composite doesnt like this, is that a case of just redistributing the affinity?

    I cant find much more help out there so any feedback would be nice, I also saw about clearning some cache but I dont have a clue what was meant, I wish I could just double click and get on my way as I am not overly brilliant on the "behind the scenes of software" sadly.

    Cheers in advance


    Somehow managed to fix it I am not sure how otherwise I would say, now to learn it!


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