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    Family Element Visibility Settings

    I want to set my Visibility Setting so my Family Elements are always visible (No matter what the Detail Level is set to) in a 3D, Front/Back, and Left/Right view and only visible in a Plan/RCP when the Detail Level is set to Fine. What should I be checking and unchecking in the Family Element Visibility Settings dialog box to achieve this?

    It seems as though these settings can't be changed independently of each other, if Coarse and Medium are deselected it uses that setting for whichever views are selected.

    Thanks in advance for any help offered.

    it`s not possible just with that`s limited.. as you discovered.
    But :
    You check everything at that dialog box..
    then you make some custom subcategories (to not have problem later with other families) and asign to these new subcategories all the elements in family (inside the family editor). After that, in the project you turn off that subcategories in the plan views that are set to medium and coarse (where you don`t want to show up).


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