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Light Fixtures Using IES Files

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    Light Fixtures Using IES Files

    Is there a way to set the Photometric Web File parameter to "Not available" or "None" and not have an IES file associated to a Type of fixture?

    I am creating light fixture families and some of them have IES files and some don't (within the same family).

    What I plan to do is have the Type Catalog specify the IES file to be used for each different Model Number and for the Model Numbers that do not have IES files I plan to enter "Not available". The issue that I am faced with is that when I load a Type that does not have an IES file I still get a generic.ies light source showing up in the project when loaded.

    Thank You in advance for any help offered.

    It´s not possible to pick "Not available", but the OOTB IES files contains a "generic.ies" - You could make a copy of that and name it "Not available.ies" and just use that as a placeholder or "Not available":beer:
    Klaus Munkholm
    "Do. Or do not. There is no try."


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