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    insert specific tag in family

    So, how to solve this riddle...

    I'm trying to build a family (mechanical equipment category to be precise) and want to insert a nested tag, with the same category as the main family. Only Revit won't let me do this and states the following:

    Only the following kinds of families can be loaded into a 3d model family:
    - 3d model families
    - detail families
    - generic annotations
    - section heads
    - level heads
    - grid heads
    Generic annotations would suffice in normal situations, but the thing is that I'm trying to schedule some specific mechanical equipment parameters, which I've adressed in a shared parameters file. Apparently a generic annotation can't access that file, it's greyed out.

    Any thoughts on this issue?
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    Arjan Ikink, BIM-engineer at PHB Deventer

    Maybe I´m misunderstanding you here... but why do you need the parameter in the GA to be shared?

    You can link the un-shared parameter in the GA to a similar but now shared parameter in the mechanical equipment family, thus allowing the label in the GA to be updated/driven from the main family, and it can be scheduled
    Klaus Munkholm
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      Why do you want to insert the tag in the family?
      Martijn de Riet
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        Put 5 parameters in the GA, and they DO NOT HAVE TO BE Shared. It doesnt matter, since youre going to tie them to the Shared Parameters in the equipment family. Thats the ONLY way youre going to achieve what youre after.

        Its NOT the same as a tag. You wont be able to move it as easily, nor shut it off as easily.
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          Should've asked sooner as I was thinking the wrong way. :banghead: Nonetheless, looks like I got the principle, as the generic annotations are now driven via a shared parameter and are scheduled exactly the way I want.

          Why I want to use this? Most of our customers need a license/permit under the Environment Act (Dutch: Wet milieubeheer), and a 1:200 scaled site plan is required in those cases.

          In AutoCAD we have simple blocks, in fact it's nothing more than a square with a number in it, and adresses all (well, at least as much as possible) equipment on a site. E.g. number 1 equals an electrical motor with an output of 1 kW, and appears more than 1 time on site. Next to the blocks we use an Excel spreadsheet which shows number, name, count, contents (eg liters gasoline), capacity (in Watts) and whether this capacity is an electrical current, combustion or thermal energy.

          At this point, the blocks and spreadsheet aren't linked, so when a block changes, the spreadsheet has to be altered by hand. Not the most efficient way, let alone the fact that it's prone to errors.

          Well, so far the storytelling, thanks for directing me in the right way! Let me continue the 'hard' work... :coffee:
          Arjan Ikink, BIM-engineer at PHB Deventer


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