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What is the Window-Curtain Wall template used for?

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    What is the Window-Curtain Wall template used for?

    What is the family template - Window-Curtain Wall used for?
    I'm looking for a way to do two things...
    First, I think it would be great to be able to create window families as easily as it is to create storefront or curtain wall systems. I'd like to be able to create windows on the fly without having to go into the family editor. This would be great for early design development when you're going through multiple window layout and pattern options. We currently use curtain wall for all our windows. Works great so we don't have to constantly be creating new window families, but sucks when it comes to tagging and other issues.
    The second thing I want to be able to do is create a door with sidelite and transom, but have the door schedule as a door and all the other elements schedule as a window type.
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    The post is about creating a standard RFO styleguide, in this particular for the Window - Curtain Wall template/family. So you're kind of in the wrong thread, but since I can't move it, I'll just answer...

    Question 1:
    Sorry, but that's an impossibility. You can't have it both ways. Either you have a more rigid approach using windows which are in fact good for tagging and stuff (since you can make their dimensions fixed), or you go "on the fly" with a CW. You could simply do the first stages of design with a CW and switch to windows when form and pattern are somewhat definitive.
    There is a Dutch Addon ( which transforms a Model Line or Curtain Wall form into a window but it has a lot of backdrafts. Not in the least that it creates a non-parametric sized window. Which you'll have to remake from scratch when dimensions change again.

    Question 2:
    Use Nested Families. Create the sidelight and transom as a Window. In the Category Type and Parameters, set to Shared. Same for the door (but create this in a Door Template). Host all into a Window/Door Family (I usually create the Parent as a Door when there is a Opening to walk through) and you can tag and schedule them seperately.
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      Thanks Martijn. Your answer is what I was expecting, just wanted to make sure I wasn't thinking myself out of a possibility. The first part of my previous post seems to be a wish list...though is seems like this should be possible, at least as an API solution. I know some US companies have Revit window creation add-ins like Anderson windows. However, I believe that is limited to their product line and is more detailed than our office needs a window to be. Plus you still have to go in and enter in a dialog box all the information you want, I think it's less graphical than I would want. Although I haven't looked at it in a while as we don't do a lot of residential work in my office. Maybe it's better now.
      It would be great if there was a way, as I described in my previous post, to take your window that was created like a curtain wall and instead of grouping it (as a way of copying it) you could tell it to become a type and its settings would be remembered.
      Question 2.
      That is what I thought, but dread the thought of recreating all the door standards that I just spent too much time getting set up...

      But thanks again for the help!


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