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    Adaptive Component Help

    So I am trying to create my first adaptive component and need some help. I basically want to create a spline that is through 4 points, the start and end points will be at different locations, hence the reason I am trying to use and adaptive component, but at each point I want the spline to go though a defined point. Like this.

    The problem is that when I load it into a project or mass I get this. I doesn't seem to go through the point. Even though they are locked together and work fine in the family.

    Any thoughts?
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    I don't know what the final goal is, but I hope this helps:
    Select the spline you have, and click on Dissolve. Select the two intermediate reference points, and click on Make Adaptive. Renumber the points, from 1 to 4. Then select all the points, and select "Spline through points". Now, if any of the points move, the spline will adjust to them.
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