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Wacom Tablet - stopping annoying pen cursor circles in Windows 7

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    Wacom Tablet - stopping annoying pen cursor circles in Windows 7

    I've just refound instructions on how to stop the annoying 'plops' which Win 7 inflicts on Wacom tablet and pen users when they click onscreen (might need redoing after some Windows Updates):
    Site will be available soon. Thank you for your patience!

    It uses gpedit.msc (the group policy editor) which isn't provided with Windows Home versions.
    William Sutherland rias riba
    WS Architecture Ltd

    You can turn it off in Windows Home versions too, you just need to get your hands dirty with either the registry or a tool like Windows Tune-Up (what I use).

    There are specific settings in the registry to turn off the 'features' Win7 added. You really want to just unload the whole service if you can get away with it, Win7's pen 'features' conflict a lot with actual pen use via Wacoms.

    Ironic. They added some features to make it easier for non-pen users to use pens as part of their ongoing horrible failure that is Tablet Computing, and it mostly just screws up us longterm tablet users...
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