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    S***MyBIMSays @ Twitter - Best of

    :laugh: was just poking around twitter, and stumbled upon a user who calls himself "S***MyBIMSays" and besides the unusual nickname, the guy is pretty hillarius. Here´s some of the better tweets:

    • I don't think AutoCAD was born in the US and I want to see it's byte certificate. Sincerely, a member of the BIMthers

    • Let's all start using Not 0 software for architecture. Any design software with a layer 0 in it must never be used again. Too inefficient

    • It’s time to take AutoCAD seriously as an architectural & engineering design tool. Three, two, one . . . okay, time’s up.

    • Does IBM still sell typewriters? Why does AutoCAD still exist? It's not technology. It draws lines.

    Wonder if it´s someone we know as a member here ? Who are you ?

    Those who use Twitter, and don´t mind a cheap laugh every now and then, should start following these tweets @!/ShitMyBIMSays

    Klaus Munkholm
    "Do. Or do not. There is no try."

    what's Twitter?
    I'm retired, if you don't like it, go around!


      I <3 S**tmyBIMSays! I'll see if I can find some of my responses to him.
      .Carl - Architect, BIM Manager, Father, Husband, Coach, Player, Disc Tosser, Driver... not necessarily in that order.

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