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Removing wall foundation

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    Removing wall foundation

    I have a wall with a foundation attached to it.

    I want to add a cut out to the one I already have. I did this cut out using the edit profile command. Now, I add another opening, it causes the foundation to attach to the base of it.

    How do I remove this slither of foundation?


    Typically I have a foundation wall, stem wall, that I attach my foundation to so that I don't have this exact situation come up.

    You could split the wall into three chunks... but I'm having a hard time seeing your wall that the foundation is attached to in your picture.
    Adam Hutchinson
    Engineer in Training
    Integrus Architecture, P.S.


      Have you tried playing with the little dot of the foundation? Sometime it happens to extend way too far from the end of the wall and you just have to extend the foundation reference dot of about 10mm to make it work as it should.
      Alexandre Cantin
      "BIM is happening now! Be part of it."


        @Adam, yes, I have now split the wall into 3. Works fine now.
        @Alex, yes, I tried that to no avail.

        Thanks for the replies guys.


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