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Anyone Have a Toyota Truck or SUV?

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    Anyone Have a Toyota Truck or SUV?

    I'm in the market (or about to be shortly) for a new ride.

    I'm really liking the Tundra Crew Max or the 4Runner. Maybe a Highlander?

    I've never owned a Toyota. Anyone have one that would care to comment good or bad?

    I've also thought about a Chevy Tahoe, but they seem a bit over priced to me. Plus, they are tanks. :laugh:

    Been running Toyota's for 20 years now wouldn't buy anything else. At the moment I have a Hilux 4ltr V6 utility an awsome car, drives like a sports car.
    Mark Balsom

    If it ain't broke, fix it till it is.


      Errmmm, what the hell is a Hilux?? :laugh:

      Ahh, sort of like a Tundra with a different front end. Pretty sweet.

      The Fortuner looks sweet.

      I really want a Sequoia, but no way I'm paying that much for a car.


        I have a 1992 Ford Explorer Manual Transmission with 280k on it...and when I was in HS I did not play nicely with it, it has been abused and worked and is still about to hit the 300k mark and 20 year mark...


          You need a new car just for age alone! :laugh:

          I feel bad now, my car has great mileage, but it's old and I need a change. It's a 1997 Jetta and only has 125,000 on it.
          I need a bigger car. I'm tired of borrowing a friends truck to go pick up a 2X4. :laugh:


            Originally posted by dzatto View Post
            ...I'm tired of borrowing a friends truck to go pick up a 2X4. :laugh:

            Ah, but now, everyone will be wanting to borrow *your* truck! :laugh:

            I've had a few Toyota (cars, though; 2 Tercels and a Camry) and I'm drooling over the Highlander Hybrid. But, I'm gonna need something that can tow a boat. Lucky for me, my next vehicle purchase is still a couple of years out and maybe the gas mileage on those "boats" will be better than today. :thumbsup:
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              I don't have any problems saying NO! :laugh:

              The Hybrid gets 28 MPG now. That's awesome for an SUV, even if it is a smaller one. But hybrids are more $$. So you pay for it either way.

              I'm really liking the 4Runner. I remember them being more utility with no frills at all. Now they are pretty damn nice. And they look cool. Big and beefy. :laugh:

              HA, I just noticed I'm still after you in the alphabet! Gotta love last names that start with Z. I could be five minutes late to class and the teacher still wouldn't be to my name yet for roll call. :thumbsup:


                My wife drives a 06 Sequoia. Great vehicle!!! Plenty of power, poor gas milage though. Lots of room for my kids and their friends.
                -Alex Cunningham


                  All German here.

                  SUV is a VW Toureag, built on the same line with its pricier and faster cousin the Porsche Cayenne.

                  Love the Toureag. Just drove it to Chicago and back--like a charm. Great in snow and ice, too.

                  (Hard to spell either of those names!)
                  Cliff B. Collins
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                    The Tundras are great trucks. If you pick up a used first MY of the new design, make sure the tailgate has been fixed. A bunch of guys here have them, theyre fantastic trucks. A little lacking in personality, but theyve got the quality to make up for it.
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