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Revit "high" quality material library?

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    Revit "high" quality material library?

    I just installed Revit Architecture 2012 student. Is there a higher resolution material library than the medium one? I searched google but could not find any info. Thanks.
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    No, there is the 'base' low resolution one and the newer 'medium' one. There's only two.

    If you need a 'high' resolution library then you might want to consider using something else for your rendering. The Medium images are actually much higher resolution than 90% of people will ever need for most Viz work. Higher resolution images, while totally usable, are gonna not really help that much with image quality unless you're rendering HUGE images with Revit.

    At that point you'll probably want to look at other engines or systems to get the results you want efficiently. Revit uses the same rendering engine as Max, Mental Ray, but Max gives you a whole lot more control. And you'd need that if you're doing work at that scale!
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      Thanks Jeff


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