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    Content Library Management

    I just sat through a demonstration of a third-party Content Library Management system. They boast over 6600 objects that we can download (and probably wont but, the content managment part of the product looks interesting.

    So, what are you doing to manage your content libraries?
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    OK...I'll start. Our family library is not too large yet. At this time, we start with the OOTB Revit imperial library. We add folders as needed. New families that we make are named with a company prefix to identify it as something created by one of our staff and stored either in one of the OOTB folders or a new folder, as deemed necessary. For some folders, such as doors, we have created so many door families that we have a company sub folder under the Revit Doors folder.

    That's as complicated as we've got to this point. I don't really see it changing much over time but you never know.


      If I were you I would put all company created content in a different folder, preferably on the network. That way, when it's time to upgrade, you don't have to go and grab all of your company content. Especially if you uninstall or blow out a machine prior to installing a newer version.


        Firm created content should be in an entirely different directory than the OOTB stuff. Dont mix them together at all, or it really sucks when new releases come out.

        All of the Content management systems out there suck, frankly. We use the Family Browser just to put the entire content library right at everyones fingertips while they work. Its simple, it has pictures, its searchable, and it updates in real time. The other solutions are mightly complex, and dont do a great job. Theyre trying to do too much.

        As for the content that ships with them... There are several sites (some of which im sure are the ones youre looking at), and some of the content is better than others... But IMHO it all needs some cleanup before its good to use. SmartBIM, Reed, ASI, Arcat... Their families are all *okay8 but have TONS of materials, fill patterns, and crap parameters in them that i strip out before library inclusion happens. YMMV.
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