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Head / Jamb Parameter for door schedule

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    Head / Jamb Parameter for door schedule

    I have been asked to create a door schedule where the head and jamb detail columns populate themselves based upon an instance parameter in the door that relates back to the thickness of the wall. For example an interior flush faced door in a hollow metal frame (call it door "Type A") will "know" that if it is located in a 8" CMU wall, it references Head Detail "xx", or if it is located in a 6" metal stud wall it references Head Detail "yy". Is this possible?

    Doors can't report what wall they are in (might be possible with API?) You can get a door to report the wall thickness, by putting a reporting parameter in the family, but I don't know of a way for it to know the material make up of the wall.

    In trying to get it to reference a specific detail are the details always the same number between projects? If you switch which sheet a detail is on how would it be updated, and how could it be set in the project.

    I'm not sure that it is possible, at least not without a plugin.
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      You can try the AutoLink function in workFLow. It will allow you to add a parameter to your family and then populate it with sheet information that will update similar to an elevation or section tag. It does require a little manual work in the beginning but at least if your sheets change the note will change as well.

      If your details are ALWAYS the same you could try an IF statement in your family but I would be hesitant to go that route. A) the statement could get pretty long and B) it will require a lot of manual updates if something changes.
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