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Curved Grid in Sections

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    Curved Grid in Sections

    In current project we have curved grids as shown in attached image.

    In a section non of grid is visible.

    What is easiest way or workaround to show a grids in a sectionClick image for larger version

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    Besides not making them curved???
    There isn't any. Revit doesn't work well with curved grids. Why not? Well, since you can dimension and allign to a gridline. And since a section has a viewing depth. If you place a section the curved gridline isn't in the same place for the whole viewing depth. Also, let's say you align and dimension stuff to the gridline in Section View. After this, you decide to move the section a bit. How is Revit going to handle this?

    In short: Only thing you can do is this:

    1. Place a refplane where you want to put your section, and name it (refplane section 1 or something)
    2. Place refplanes perpenicular to the first on the intersection points between curved gridline and first refplane.
    3. In section View, place a selfmade Family (Generic Model or something) which looks like a Grid with a textparameter for the Grid Bubble
    4. Fill in Grid bubble AND COORDINATE MANUALLY!!!
    Martijn de Riet
    Professional Revit Consultant | Revit API Developer
    MdR Advies
    Planta1 Revit Online Consulting


      The 3d extents of a grid line MUST intersect the projection plane of the section/elevation in a perpendicular relationship or it will NOT be displayed. Since the arc shaped grids are NEVER going to have this relationship they are not shown in sections and elevations.

      You will have to manually draw and coordinate lines representing those grids in your section/elevations.
      Jeff Hanson
      Sr. Subject Matter Expert
      Autodesk, Revit - User Experience


        @ Martijn...

        Thanks a lot....

        that's d good idea i'll chk out whether it works for me or not bcoz if there are no of sections needed then it will be time consuming.

        @jef....yep...but in my case projections are not is perpendicular relationship...that's why i am looking for a easiest solution.

        Thanks for your valuable reply.



          at I think I saw a tutorial of a handmade family that can be good in this conditions of nonperpendicular on grid in section.


            r u talking @ this...

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