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Pinning, Locking, and Nested Families

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    Pinning, Locking, and Nested Families

    I had a couple of general input questions.

    1) What are the thoughts on pinning? Back in the day I was lead to believe that pinning elements could create problems so I had gotten away from this. (Like stacked walls) However, on another forum there is a lot of talk about pinned elements.

    2) What are the thoughts of locking model elements or even detail items together? Slabs to walls and such? Again, a while back due to issues we had stopped doing this. What are everyone's thoughts?

    3) Will nesting families (primarily dc families) have a negative impact on performance? I feel that having the base building blocks and having a user put them together as required can be better than trying to make a nested dc work for every possible solution.


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    I only ever pin Grids - since they're the "backbone" of a project and are often used with the align tool - so they have to be fixed down as much as possible (with new users working on a model I also use a fake Design Option to keep them unselectable)

    I seldom lock anything other than levels (nested families and sketch-based elements to reference planes & lines in families obviously) - I've had too many floor/roof/ceiling sketches "buckle" (and force delete themselves) in the past due to locks - and encourage users to be more exacting (and thorough) with their modelling (and checking).

    Nested families are, for me, a real advantage - and encourage their use when it makes sense - but yes, often manual configurations/detailing with a collection of "base building blocks" is necessary. I wouldn't say it was a performance issue - more of a working-efficiency one.


      I'll pin grids too. Occasionally I'll pin object where it's essential that they don't move, but it can be frustrating when too much is pinned.

      I'll lock walls together when I'm aligning them using the multi-wall method, but I avoid locking sketches because as Snowy said, it can get a bit messy.

      Nested families work well; I haven't noticed any performance issues with them personally.
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