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[05/2011] - Better Error Dialogue Box

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    [05/2011] - Better Error Dialogue Box

    Applies to: - All Verticals

    New Feature / Problem:
    Revit has a very attractive selling point: it warns you for actions causing Errors. But the Error Dialogue Box isn't anywhere near usable. Basically you have the choice between 4 options:
    - ignoring the issue causing automatic reversing an action causing the error (joined or attached elements that no longer intersect)
    - ignoring the issue and therefor automatically deleting the item causing the error (mostly with dimensions not longer referencing correctly)
    - deleting the element by hand (all others if something can be done)
    - cancelling the action.

    BTW: a good example of this problem is found here

    Why do you need this Feature / Why is it a Problem:
    The thing I'm missing, especially with the last two options, is ANY form of explanation. What is going wrong, why is it going wrong?
    I wouldn't know if it's possible but it would be nice to know what's wrong. It's very difficult to adress a problem if you don't know what it is. Since I do a lot of "helpdesk" work it would be nice to be able to do more than delete stuff to fix it.

    Another problem with the lack of information is that it frequently happens that the problematic elements are deleted, then remodelled only to later on again give the same errors. If I don't know what the problem is, I can't find a decent workaround.

    An error happens which causes the Error Box to pop up.
    There need to be more options to solve or at least more clarification in the Possible Errors.

    Better view of modelling problems and more possibilities to solve them. Which would reduce the time needed to investigate the problem and solve it, or at least minimize the time needed to remodel the deleted stuff in a way so that it won't give any more problems.

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