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    David's Keynote Trick

    Anyone's who reads David's blog regularly will have seen his recent "trick" with Keynotes:

    Revit : Cross referencing parameters

    Now I got it working at home - but I'm struggling to get it to work here at work - despite following all the steps. That said, I am doing it in 2014 here, whereas I think I might have done it in 2012 at home.

    My issue is that =Keynote parameter association keeps "dropping out". I'm not getting a warning as such, merely the field clears when I return to the parameter dialog or when I load it into a project.

    Anyone had a play with this and got it working?

    Gargh! Premature posting... Figured it out!

    The "reason" it worked at home was that I was working with a family that already had a Keynote (in the field) so when the parameters are associated, the "fake_keynote" parameter is populated - but here at work I've been doing it in our templates, which all have blank Keynote fields, which (for some reason) let the parameter-association stick.

    No biggy, I'm just going to pre-populate my .rft files' keynotes with ??? and then the "trick" will travel into all new(ly created) families.


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