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objects showing up on the wrong floor

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    objects showing up on the wrong floor

    Can anyone help me figure out why I have family objects that I placed on the first floor showing up on the second floor and vice versa?


    It could be a few things...

    View Underlay - Check the underlay setting to see if the view is showing the other level
    View Range - Check this to see if it is limited to the correct level and reasonable cut plane, top and bottom offsets.

    View Associate Level - Look at the Associated Level parameter in the Properties Palette, this should make the intended level the view is named for.

    I see the last one quite a bit. When people copy a view and then rename it, renaming a copy of Level 1 to Level 2 does NOT create view based on Level 2, it is locked into the original Level, Level 1 in this case. A new view must be created as a copy of a view associated with the correct level or by using the View ribbon > Plan View > choosing the correct plan view type and level.

    If those aren't the culprit we'll need more clues.


      View range settings was it! Thanks for taking the time to tell me your thoughts!


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