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Structural framing alignments

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    Structural framing alignments

    I'm using a model as part of a larger project, and it has some artifacts in the structural framing. Portions of the frame will yield to the overlying floor, or allow the floor to cut through it - and other portions intersect the floor. It's not my model and I'd like to fix it with minimal change - more importantly, I'd like to make all the cuts consistent and keep the framing below all other surfaces. This is not a critical detail, but at the roof level, the frame is penetrating the uppermost surface and causes rendering issues.

    What am I missing?
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    Looks like someone unjoined the floor from a beam, which effectively unjoins all concrete beams from that floor.
    Adam Hutchinson
    Engineer in Training
    Integrus Architecture, P.S.


      Yep, that was it. It seems that a single area of the roof beams were joined to the concrete, and whomever had been doing it decided to quit and work elsewhere - but never finished.

      At least the join command stays active after each union.


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