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Viewport Title as Title Block?

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    Viewport Title as Title Block?

    When making new views and sheets, aligning the view to the sheet border and title block is always a tedious and time consuming task.
    So I was thinking... why not put the border and the title block in the viewport title?
    The same basic label parameters seem to be in there and it would mean you only have to put a view on a blank sheet in any position.

    Anyone tried this? Are there specific things that can be done in title blocks but not view titles?

    I will experiment further when I have time...

    [Edit] Correction... not all the default sheet parameters are available. Sheet/View Name/Number and view scale are. So Issue Date and Drawn by etc.. would need to be coupled with shared parameters but this could be a solution for simple sheets.
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    IIRC, there's a thread on here somewhere that explains how to do just that. I think they made a family for the view title and scale, and had reference lines so you could align everything. I'll try to find it.

    Something like this?
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