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Specialty Equipment - Project or Shared Parameters

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    Specialty Equipment - Project or Shared Parameters

    I am embarking on an effort to redo our Specialty Equipment schedule.
    So far, I have potentially 34 parameters in the Schedule.
    My question is: should I make these Project parameters, or Shared?
    I'd naturally prefer Shared so I can make them more consistent and possibly Tag them.
    Any other category, I'd use Shared no question, but since this is Specialty Equipment, I envision getting families from a wide variety of sources, which means I'd have to add dozens of parameters to lots of families. Using Project params would make it easier to add "just any" family, but then I lose the ability to Tag.
    Many of these families would show only in plan and are not parametric, so we can quickly make a 2D representation, but if I have to add 25 parameters, its really going to slow things down.
    • Type catalogs can specific parameters, but I believe they already have to be in the family.
    • The only other option I can think of is to make a new Family Template with all those parameters in it.

    Thoughts? Preferences?
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    Dave Plumb
    BWBR Architects; St Paul, MN

    CADsplaining: When a BIM rookie tells you how you should have done something.

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