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KPI for a BIM Modeler

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    KPI for a BIM Modeler

    Good Day everyone.

    May I ask a question about KPIs of a modeler.

    What are the key factors that measure the performance of a BIM modeler ?
    How to define the KPIs for a modeler ? Let's debate

    Thanks !

    Are you talking about model authoring applications or model authors?


      If it's a modeling author, which I believe is what the OP is asking about, for sure it would have to be:

      - Ability to work directly in 3D/Plan/Section/Schedule at the same time, to show competency in interoperability
      - Ability to "program" information into an element for the purposes of documentation

      More will come to mind... is this what you are talking about?


        Sorry all, I was so busy that I forgot to check back this thread.

        Yes, I am asking about Model Author

        Thank you all


          Model correctly - to the correct level of detail
          Input the correct data - to the correct level of definition
          Models to the correct standards - in relation to object classification and following internal & external standards

          Doesn't do anything careless - such as import & explode CAD files

          Depending upon position in the project team, the ability to understand and create parametric data and create/edit families is also desirable.
          Mostly for me, the most important thing is someone that understands the rules and follows them. That's more important and efficient than someone who can model something amazing, but doesn't follow naming procedures.
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            Thanks Cyus


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