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Modelled-In-Place Walls

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    Modelled-In-Place Walls

    What is the correct/optimum way of modelling walls in place?

    1. To model each length of wall as a separate element
    2. To model all of the walls in a single level or zone as single element?

    Depends on whether they will get modified or not later, or if you need to change visibility in one view vs another.

    How many walls are we talking about and why can't you just use regular walls?
    Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


      I can't use regular walls because I am modelling the existing walls in an old building where there are no parallel faces anywhere.

      This helps overcome the problem that Revit has in dealing with very short lengths of wall too.

      ...and yes, they will get modified as the detailed design progresses, and that is kind of why I thought to ask the question.

      I already know that placing doors and windows is a big issue, and plan to test the idea of modelling the walls in smaller segments to see if that helps.
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