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Revision block and title block

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  • Yogesh
    Dear Soboyle...

    If you had created a shared parameters for a revision then you need to add these parameters in your project assigned to the drawing sheets.

    To add a parameter go to Manage >> Project Parameters.

    Then add a shared parameter to a project, n in category select a drawing sheet.

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  • soboyle
    started a topic Revision block and title block

    Revision block and title block

    I'm new to using revit, and am trying to set up a title block to show revisions.
    For some reason, the title block, and revisions are giving me a really hard time.
    In the revision area I'm using the parameters rev line 2, rev-dr'n2 etc. Thinking these are associated to rev 2 of the drawing. But nothing shows up except a ? where the rev should show. Any thoughts on what I'm missing?

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