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    Revit hatch patterns -

    When choosing the representation of a material when cut you are able to choose a hatch pattern to display. However this hatch pattern is see through, and underneath it's lines you can see the cut hatch patterns of objects behind it.

    If one chooses the solid fill as a cut pattern this is less apparent.

    Is it possible for the cut pattern to have an opaque at the same time?

    PS. Joining things has limited use. In the case of structural framing joined to a wall, the cut lines width of structural framing become projection lines after the join.

    Seeing the pattern beneath doesn't seem right. Do you have a screenshot?
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      Can you post a screen shot of the issue? I'm having a hard time picturing a cut object, then another cut object behind it, in the same view. Wouldn't the cuts be on the same plane? Which would mean the cut patterns should be adjacent to each other, not one behind the other.


        They only show up with both patterns if the objects are both cut (IE In the exact same place). Then you have to use Join Geometry.

        Of course, its also possible the OP's view is set to Wireframe, which will show patterns of objects behind the cut...
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