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Annotating Nested Families?

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    Annotating Nested Families?

    I did a search on this, but since I didn't find anything, I figured I may not have entered the term correctly.

    Can you annotate nested families?

    Example: I make a Mirror, Counter Top, Base Cabinet, Faucet and Counter Mounted Soap Dispenser and bring them in as separate components into one family. When I go to call them out in a schedule or on a plan, will I be able to tag each individual piece or will the whole thing be one item on the schedule?

    I hope this makes sense

    Welcome to the forum, Xaquin.

    Yes. Before loading family "A" into host family "B", check "shared" in family "A". Do the same if you need to nest a "C" or "D" into "B", too. Then, load family "B" (the host for all) into a project. This will allow you tag all individual components separately. You might need to use the tab key to select the component you want to tag. The individual components will also schedule separately, and they can be inserted in the project separately, too, from the Project Browser.
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      thank you so much!

      this is going to save hours!

      edit: one more quick question

      can you change types (for example, grab bar lengths) once the family has been inserted into the project?


        Hi and welcome,
        in the family, add a new parameter, type <family type>, then choose the type of family you've nested (profile etc etc).
        the parameter could be instance or type.
        you have to select the nested component, and add a label, meaning the parameter you've just created.
        load in the project, you're done.
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          I feel terrible that I've been working with this program since 2008 and have only now tried this =/


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