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Addins - include in Deployment?

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    Addins - include in Deployment?

    I'm starting to put together my Deployment for 2012.
    One of the things that's not OOTB, but I'd like to include is the Room Renumber tool from Autodesk Labs:
    Simple enough to copy the .dll file into the Revit\Program folder, but does anyone know where I would put the .addin file in the Deployment?
    I know it ends up in C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\2012, but I don't see any ProgramData folder in the deployment. Or any .addin files, for that matter.
    Dave Plumb
    BWBR Architects; St Paul, MN

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    Great question. Does anyone have an answer?


      Get ready to have IT start making a few scripts to run... Its the hot topic right now. (No, it cant go with the deployment, i dont believe... But id love to be wrong.)
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        I have not tested creating the folders and placing the addins before REVIT actually has created them, .. anyone try that yet?

        However, I believe you are correct, Aaron, this bit is from an AU Blog for REVIT 2010, however I believe it to be as relevant today:
        Installing Revit

        Installing Revit is a three-part process.
        • At each workstation, navigate to the shortcut to install the Deployment and run it.
        • Install the Subscription Advantage Packs.
        • Run Revit once to ensure everything installed correctly. Exit Revit.
        • Run the batch file to copy the modified files to the program installation folder.
        • Run Revit to test the update.

        Note. While it is technically possible to launch the Revit deployment, Subscription add-ons and copy down files all in a single batch file, I prefer to do it separately in case something goes wrong.
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          I guess you don't find any .addin in the deployment is because the setup program for the add-in uses the addin utillity api. I mean the .addin file is created during the setup process. If you want to include the addin into your deployment, consider runing a script at the end of revit installation or take a .addin manifest from your deployment testing machine and include this with the dll into your deployment.
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