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    Good Afternoon, I was looking for some feedback on laptops to get for my following years in architecture school. I use mostly Revit / 3D Max / Vray / SketchUp and in some cases Rhino / Maxwell / Other Autodesk products.

    I would needed to last at least 5 Years from now.

    Brand: Digital Storm x17D Gaming Laptop

    Display: 17.3 Inch 120MHz (72% NTSC Color Gamut) (16:9) (1920 x 1080) (Matt) LED-Backlit Display

    Processor: Intel Core i7-3970X Extreme Edition (3.5GHz Turbo Mode to 4.0Ghz) (Six Core) (15MB Cache)

    Memory: 32GB DDR3 1600MHz (4x8GB)

    Primary Hard Drive: Intel 240GB SSD (520 Series) (SATA 6Gb/s)

    Secondary Hard Drive: 750GB 7200RPM (SATA 3Gb/s)

    Wireless Card: Bigfoot Networks Killer Wireless-N 1202

    Video Card(s): 2x SLI (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M 4GB with NVIDIA Optimus Technology)

    Windows OS: Microsoft Windows 8 (64-Bit Edition)

    Warranty Plan: Life-time Expert Customer Care with 5 Year Limited Warranty

    PS: On the Video Card there are two options either Dual Sli GTX 680M 4GB Each or NVIDIA Quadro K5000M 4GB (For Creative Professionals), Which would work better on the long run? I was thinking preferably a laptop since I travel a lot between abroad and going back to my country also for the mobility and as Laptops and Desktops unless you are using them for really high end work are closing the gap little by little between them it sounded better this way.

    Thanks in advanced.

    Hi Sephirox - welcome to RFO!

    I can't speak for Digital Storm, but I can say that the specs for the laptop are better than what a lot of us professionals are using. It's a US$5,000 laptop. You indicate that you need it to last at least 5 years. My advice is to reconsider your approach. As you start schooling, you'll have the least need for the performance while it has relatively the most performance. By year 5, when you're doing the most complicated school work, your laptop will be an ancient relic in computer years unable to keep up with your work or software.

    You can spend half of what you're planning to spend now, and buy a good solid laptop, and then in 2-3 years, buy a new one that will keep you up to date.

    A couple things about that particular "laptop". First, that's no laptop... it's a death star... errr, I mean, it's a "portable desktop". It's going to be very heavy, very hot, very loud, and no battery life.

    Between the GPUs, I'd probably go with the K5000M because you're most likely to get the longest "support" out of it. But the dual 680M should work great as well.

    Also, you should be aware that Intel will be updating their CPU line in a month, so unless you need it right now, I'd suggest waiting a couple months for the new laptops.

    I know that's probably not what you were hoping to hear, but you did yourself a service by posting, because whether you choose to move forward with that computer, at least you know what you're getting yourself into. Feel free to post a much more modest alternative laptop spec, and we'd all be happy to offer some feedback on that as well.

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      Yes I know it would be very heavy, but every laptop I have always had was around the same weight so its not big of a deal. Also well I will also be working on Firms while Studying and maybe competing once again on CG Competitions on the web. Do you have maybe 2-3 laptops you can recommend ( and Yes I am not buying it now but after Haswell comes out and the new laptops are in ). Also one more thing, the reason I went all out is that my scholarship is only paying for it once, I do not think I can make a deal about buying a 1 now and then one on my last year and going less expensive, I think what they want is just buy whatever I need now but do not bother us again or something like that...


        I've been really wanting to buy a computer from Digital Storm...I am a gamer after all... So with that in mind the system you got is a mobile gaming unit. If your not into gaming stick with the I have had issues gaming with the Quadro cards.

        But you could save a bit of money like iru mentioned and perhaps look at the Dell Precision M6600 I believe that is what Aaron just got... I use the M6800 at work and it works great!
        Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


          BTW....thanks ya got me dreaming about a new system at Digital Storm.... (Really though...I could build one myself...I just don't have the experience with liquid cooling)
          Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


            Well I am too a gamer, after all once you are rendering high quality stuff there is nothing much to do while babysitting the image so I play ( My setups are quite old so babysitting is a given...sadly) while I am at it. But yea I have always gone with gaming cards since they are cheaper but since this time they are paying the build for me I was thinking maybe going Pro for once. I know that Pro vs Gaming cards have little in difference other than "Supported Drivers" so its Dual Sli GTX 680M 4GB Each bettern than single NVIDIA Quadro K5000M 4GB?

            I will check that dell. The cheaper the setup the less paperwork I need to do for the scholarship in order for them to see its really what I need I guess.


              Btw, Forgot to say I would also be using heavily Photoshop + Cintiq 13HD for 3D Art / Visualization / Matte-Painting. So yea any Mobile Workstation that is powerful enough to run and work for me for at least the rest of my studio ( 3 years ) is welcome. After that I can use the save money from work and else to replace it for a current one. Also this is for when Haswells mobile workstations come out, until then I am building the knowledge and paperwork to give it to my scholarship so they know I did my HW and else.

              PS: I saw the Dell but which build is okay, as if I use the same build as Aaron the price is about the same as the digital storm one ( with the Quadro Series card ).


                I agree with everything iru and MPwuzhere have said. I will just add to the mix that 1920x1080 is a fairly poor resolution for a laptop at that end of the spectrum. The lack of screen real estate would really p**s me off for all of your intended uses.
                Hydraulic Systems Design Drafter
                Revit MEP 2012, 2013
                Intel i7-3930K, ASUS P979X-WS, 32GB Corsair DDR3, Gigabyte nVidia GTX670, 2x Intel 520 SSD 120GB, Corsair H100, Corsair 550D.


                  Wel there is always the option to connect an external display. Which is what I intend.


                    Hi Guys I'm looking for a new laptop too and would appreciate some feedback on the spec below before I make a choice.

                    I currently have a Dell Vostro and it is not cutting the mustard, I have been given this spec as an alternative to a HP Elitebook Workstation 8760W for half the cost.

                    MSI GE60-625AU Gaming Notebook

                    - LATEST&Most Powerful 15.6" MSI Gaming laptop
                    - Nvidia GTX660M 2GB Dedicated GDDR5
                    - Smart mSATA SSD + HDD Option
                    - Full HD 1080P Display


                    * Intel 3rd Generation IVY Bridge Core i7-3630QM Processor
                    - Hyper-Threading as @ 8x2.40GHz, Turbo up to 3.40GHz, 6MB Cache

                    * 15.6" Full HD 1080P LED Backlight Widescreen
                    * POWERFUL NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M w/2GB GDDR5 Graphics Card

                    * 64GB mSATA SSD + 500GB Standard SATA HDD
                    * Upgrade-Able with 2nd HDD/SSD by replacing the ODD

                    * 16GB DDR3 RAM 1600Mhz High Speed Dual Channels

                    * Dimension (WxDxH) 383 x 249 x 37.7~32.3mm
                    * Full System weight 2.4kg w/Battery

                    * Blu Ray Combo Drive
                    * Built-in 2.1ch Speakers THX TrueStudio Pro

                    * Windows 8 64 Bits - With Multi-Language Support
                    * Special 6-Cell Battery

                    * Build-in
                    - 4 in 1 card reader
                    - 7.1 Ch Sound Output
                    - Bluetooth 4.0
                    - 2.0 Mega Pixel web camera 720P HD
                    - Wireless b/g/n

                    * Interface
                    - MIC
                    - Headphone-out (S/PDIF)
                    - VGA (D-Sub)
                    - USB 3.0 x 2
                    - USB 2.0 x 2
                    - D-sub x 1
                    - HDMI
                    - Gigabyte Lan

                    Cheers guys in advance


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