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Precast modeling questions

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    Precast modeling questions

    What tools have you used in the past and what forms of workflows have you found?

    I am about to start a 2bagillion sqft precast building and would love some incite on how others have delt with it before.

    -Alex Cunningham

    ACAD! LOL!
    No, sorry... couldn't resist. I haven't done a precast project in RST yet. Sorry.
    Leanne Zaras, CDT, LEED AP
    AutoCAD 2010 Certified Professional / Revit Architecture 2012 Certified Professional / Revit Structure 2015 Certified Professional
    ACAD2021, RST2014-2021 / Windows 10, 64-bit


      There is already heaps of discussion out there about precast panels, there is still no easy way to detail them, however we now have access with the API to disallow end joins which could make using walls a lot easier

      I have only ever created engineering documentation for precast, meaning no requirement for setout and accuracy generally only down to 1:100 with the exception of a few details

      I find walls the best for precast, giving me the best flexibility and I can still schedule single panel weights & volumes, but for large boundary walls you can also use curtain system, which can be a lot quicker so long as you dont need complicated edge conditions

      For Precast Columns & Floor systems, again I havent had a requirement to setout in detail, generally if you adopt precast the manufactuer takes a lot more responsibilty for the setout

      But it is worth creating your own precast beam families, it is especially useful to create a beam that doesnt cutback, along with options to cut the end on a user set angle

      Once setup it works well IMO, particuarly for plank floor systems like hollowcore etc.

      Happy to give more detail if you can provide more information on exactly what you will be working on
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        Awesome, Thanks Ben.

        We are having our kick off meeting tomorrow after that I will have more information. Talk with you then.
        -Alex Cunningham


          We are going to do it with Wall. We arnt using any precast columsn, and have double tees for the beams. The rest of the building will be CMU and steel.

          How do you coord with the Arch on the walls?
          -Alex Cunningham


            *Disclaimer-Coordination of walls is a real bug for me, and we need better functionality!*

            Co-ordination depends on a few things, at the initial stages you may both need to model the walls to show intent of the structure and the architecture individually, ideally there will then be a transition of the 'structural' walls to be owned by the structural engineers, meaning the Architect will remove them from their model, for walls with finishes the Arch can Copy/Monitor the structural walls and model finishes separately and join to ensure doors cut through all layers, the problem here is both consultants are managing openings manually. It would be great if we could just CM openings and have them apply to walls owned by the engineer, or even better if the arch could host openings across a linked model which we could review

            The reason I dont like simply running a CM on the arch wall is that the structural drawings have much different requirements of the walls, analytically for one, and also how they display in elevation etc needs to be accurate to how they will be built (which a lot of Arch documents ignore IMO) which leaves you with a heap of co-ordination reviews for walls every time you reload the arch model

            This workflows has given me the best success so far, structure only models structural walls, any non-load bearing walls are just displayed through the link. If the Arch persists in modelling their own structural walls, at least have them put onto their own workset

            Hope that helps
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              This is exactly the work flow I was thinking about. It dose help a lot to know that we are doing it the best way it can be done.

              Openining would be awesome if there were able to be CM indpendently. I also wish we could CM stacked walls correctly.

              :cheers: :beer:
              -Alex Cunningham


                If you have R2012, you can try to look at using the new Part elements that can be created for wall layers. They can then be divided, and scheduled. We have designed them with the construction user in mind. It would be very interesting for us to hear your thoughts on them.

                Currently they can only be created for walls that are in the host file, so if your architect's model is in a link, you need to first copy-monitor the wall before it can create parts.



                  Never done a pre-cast before ( have played with a few ideas ), but here is my 2 cents worth from a modeling point of view.
                  If you use walls and then use Split Wall with Gap tool, which I thought was developed for pre-cast work, this splits your walls with gap and disallows wall joins automatically, into individual panels. Now in 2012 you could use Assembly's to document individual panels.
                  Seems like these 2 tools would work pretty well together for pre-cast panel work.
                  Mark Balsom

                  If it ain't broke, fix it till it is.


                    We will not be utalizing 2012 for this project.
                    -Alex Cunningham


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