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Revit 2012 Worksharing Features

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    Revit 2012 Worksharing Features

    I am just getting to know my new friend Revit 2012. And I was wondering: has anyone used the newish editing requests feature in 2012? I see that is is now down on the status bar at the bottom of the screen. But I am curious about how it works. If someone places an editing request, how does it alert the user? A popup or something else? Are there any new settings that are associated with it?

    We were previously using the worksharing monitor to track editing requests and other central file stuff, do you think that the new worksharing features can replace this tool? (I hope so!)


    Sarah Foulkes

    Not a Revit Robot

    Yes, overall, pretty cool. I haven't used it enough to really know the in's and out's yet (maybe someone else will contribute their experience).

    Check out this Help section for an overview.

    In a nutshell, yes, you can place editing requests and the receiver will get a pop-up notification. If all you used the WSM for was tracking editing requests, then you'll probably be able to ditch it.


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