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Room and Area Calculations - Calculate Ratio

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    Room and Area Calculations - Calculate Ratio

    In this thread a question came up whether or not it's possible to calculate the Ratio between different types of Rooms or Areas. In response to that I wrote a blog post about it, which you can find here.
    The sample file discussed in this post is attached to this thread... Have fun!
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    Martijn de Riet
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    Area Schedule 1 calculated as a percentage of Area schedule 2

    Hi Martin,

    This is very useful and great to find an example specific to my Dutch regulations BUT, unless I am missing something and please let me know if I am, this kind of calculation needs to be made possible with two different area schedules. I say this because there are other rules that apply when applying 'gebruiksoppervlakte' and 'verblijfsgebied' such as excluding specific spaces and spaces under minimal distances and heights...which cannot be manipulated so finely by just using rooms (or can it? unless one uses room separation lines? This seems more complicated.) So I have made different area plans for 'gebruiksoppervlakte' and 'verblijfsgebied'. So is there a way to take the total GO per floor and calculate whether the VG for that floor amounts to at least 55%. These are in different area schedules as Revit schedules area by type, and not like rooms, where all rooms are combined. Am I making sense?


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