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Revit 2012 - missing UK templates

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    Revit 2012 - missing UK templates

    Just seen this in the Revit Clinic blog:
    Missing Templates in UK Metric Content

    If you have installed the UK Metric content for any of your 2012 Revit products, you may have noticed that some of the templates are not present. The missing files are standard metric files and can be obtained by downloading the US Metric content. To do so:

    Open the Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features dialog.
    Highlight your 2012 Revit product and choose Uninstall/Change.
    In the subsequent Revit dialog, choose Add or Remove Features.
    In the Select Content section, choose US Metric.
    Click Next to install the content.
    Various words spring to mind, the politest of which is bizarre.

    Alan Wooldridge has commented on this in recent posts to his blog:

    Looks like this is the same issue mentioned in earlier posts about Aus and NZ content that's alright then
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