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Automated install: content installed no matter what?

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    Automated install: content installed no matter what?

    I am testing our RAC 2012 Deployment, and even tho' I have set the deployment to not include content, because it is all on the server where it belongs and our office standard Revit.ini point to it, the install is still copying all that junk. Result, WAY too much of an SSD getting filled up, and the install takes about 5 times longer than it should. I can automate a proper install cleanup afterwards, but I shouldn't have to.

    Anyone else seeing this?

    Pragmatic Praxis

    I'm having this problem too but it's installing to my shared network location. I have they deployment paths pointing to my network location but no content selected and it still installs the content on the network every time. I have the factory folders renamed and it keeps adding back folders named the default way.

    I found that if I edit the deployment it shows US Imperial content checked even though I had deselected it originally and accepted 2 warnings about not having any content. If you turn silent install off you will find that when it comes time to select content both US Imperial and US Metric are checked.

    For now I'm going to point it to a folder called DELETE in a separate location from my actual content.
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