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Separating drawing into two sheets crop view problem

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    Separating drawing into two sheets crop view problem

    Hi there
    I need to separate drawing into half and put into sheets because 1:50 drawing cant fit into A0. I guess i need to work with crop view, but when i crop drawing, biger dimensions connecting two parts dissapears .Help please, how can i solve this problem?
    For better understanding i give you link for pictures, Notice that 1st picture upper 3 horizontal dimensions are set, when i crop 2nd picture shows how it just dissapears.

    Also i tried to work with matchline but same problem appears.
    Thanks guys
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      If you have an overall dimension that crosses the crop region boundary, you won't see one end of the dimension, so no one would know what it's dimensioning to. That's why it "disappears" in the cropped dependent view, even though it may show up in the overall view.

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        So how can i print 1 big drawing in proper scale by dividing into 2 parts, without loosing any dimension?


          When I've had occasion to split plans across sheets, a smaller scale plan that fits on a sheet will provide opportunity to show overall dimensions as well as be a "key" to the split, larger scale plans on other sheets.


            Splitting a large floor plan

            (spun off from thread
            When you have a large Floor plan that will not fit on one Sheet, use the Duplicate As Dependent tool.
            You will then end up with three Views:

            LEVEL ONE
            - LEVEL ONE EAST
            - LEVEL ONE WEST

            Then Crop down the EAST and WEST Views.

            Do your modeling in the "master" LEVEL ONE
            Do your documentation in the Dependent Views (EAST or WEST)
            Everything you draw (modeled elements, and well as annotation) will be identical in all.
            Also, all three Views are at the same scale. If you need an overall View on a Sheet at a smaller scale, you must create another (non-Dependent) View)
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              Big respect to you from Denmark, thanks man


                Originally posted by bangobeat View Post
                So how can i print 1 big drawing in proper scale by dividing into 2 parts, without loosing any dimension?
                By a lengthened A0 drawing. Otherwise it cannot be done. You can't dimension something that isn't in a view.
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