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Room areas in non-room schedules

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    Room areas in non-room schedules

    I'm trying to set up a window schedule that includes columns for:
    • Room area
    • Required ventilation area (5% of room area)
    • Required glazing area (10% of room area)

    So that it's easy to see from the window schedule what ventilation and glazing standards the windows within a room meet. Since I can't schedule room areas within a non-room schedule I don't see an easy way to achieve this. The window schedule also includes standard elements such as window type, opening size, operation etc.

    I think that a room and a window schedule are required, since the required ventilation glazing areas of the room relate to the room (and total window areas), and not the individual windows. I could have two schedules (room and window) for each room in the building and align them on the sheet, but this will become time consuming on larger jobs.

    How is this kind of schedule achieved in Revit?

    Edit : I can get the room area into the schedule by dividing the volume by the height, but I'm still uncertain as to how to relate the individual window area values to total glazed/ventilation area.

    Edit 2 : I've added the total glazed (and ventilation) areas as manual parameters in each room. It's not ideal, but I can't find a way to compute the total amount of glazing/ventilation in the schedule, so I'm doing it manually and reporting it via a room parameter (which I can put in the window schedule). This does mean that I get multiples of "Total Glazing Area", since I get one for each window, when there's multiple windows in one room, which isn't ideal. If I could merge cells in a schedule like in Excel, I'd be sorted.
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      Calculate the area by deviding volume by a given ceiling height (best done with a projec parameter in room category since you have to check the room height manually anyway),
      sort the window schedule by room,
      itimize every instance off, or calculate totals in footer for the sorting by room.
      calculate totals (Formatting tab) for the window area.

      I'm probably forgetting something, but it can be done. Tricky bit is getting the room area. Why is that a tricky bit? Because somewhere someone decided for you that you won't be needing it. Somehow.
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      There must be a better way...

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        OR: as Ekko says, except you create a shared custom area parameter for the rooms, get Whitefeet Tools and run the api-command that let's you write parameter values from the hardcoded Area parameter into your custom area parameter.
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