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    Associated Floor to Walls

    We are currently having a really interesting debate in the office right now. As more and more external staff come in from other companies, all with revit "experience" we seem to be having issue with the way the model process is occuring.
    It is office policy to use the "pick Wall Tool" to create our external slab line. This way, of course the wall is associated to the flor, so when the walls move we dont spend a huge amount of time chasing sketch lines if people forget to lock them.

    A thought did occur to me though, how much stain does this put on the model itself? Can using the pick wall tool for slabs and ceilings have a dramatic effect on model performance?

    Andrew Harp
    BIM Manager GHD
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    The only hit I've noticed is when a wall moves. The floors / ceilings / roofs have to regenerate which can take some time if there are a lot associated.
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