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Symbols won't budge.

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    Symbols won't budge.

    Okay, the newbie to Revit MEP 2011 has another profound question...
    I've made beautiful equipment that works when I put it in a project - ducting and piping connects and stays connected.
    I've made electrical symbols for this equipment and would like to put it in the equipment families like tags so that when I place the equipment, all I have to do is grab the symbol and place it relative to the equipment to make it 'look pretty'.
    Can this be done?
    Should I just place all the symbols after placing the equipment which seems rather tedious...:crazy:
    Ciao for now.
    Say something interesting....

    I think you want to use Tags for this. If you put the Symbol in the Family you can theoretically move it around if you make the placement parametric (Dimension to a refplane and make the dimensions parameters). But this has a lot of disadvantages, so I wouldn't recommend this.

    You can however place symbols in Tags and use these to Tag in your project. If you use the Tag All option you can Tag all instances. You can also select Place Component and then check the " Tag on Placement" option in the Options Bar which creates an automatic tag on placement.
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      Thank you! I'll give it a try...
      Say something interesting....


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