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    plz help

    hy guys i'm a new memeber in this forum ,,,actually i'm a second year master degree student - civil engineering departement working on a research called "achieving interoperability within the design phase of the project using BIM " ,,but i ve tried hard to collect information about this idea ,,but unfortunately i found nothing ,,so maybe u can give me a hand about the" A B C ....... of interoperability including definition , steps , criteria ,,how to apply , certification ....... etc " i mean evering related to this idea .
    thnx alot

    Come on mate, you're asking a lot from us if you think we're going to simply spill our guts, hearts and minds all over this thread to help you get through your course - you're going to have to :

    a. define your questions better
    b. do some research - because this isn't 1995 and we're certainly not Microsoft Encarta.


      hy Sir thnx 4 ur attention ,,just wanna say that ,,i need some links or reliable refernces where by reading them , i can get the whole information i need about interoperability the way we should apply this strategy ,,steps ,criteria ,conditions ,,some case study about some companies depend and use this startegy for example ... finally i don't know if i make my self clearer ,,,any way hopefully u r gonna help me
      a. define your questions better
      b. do some research - because this isn't 1995 and we're certainly not Microsoft Encarta.[/QUOTE]


        I'm probably a sucker for trying to help, particularly as I didn't know this sub-forum existed until today and know nothing about it's subject matter.

        But here's where I would start:
        1) Google (or other search engine) or use this custom "Revit Master Search" developed by Luke Johnson.
        2) Autodesk's wikihelp
        3) Read/search the threads in RFO
        4) Find the same subject matter at AUGI ( and read or search through those.
        5) Repeat #4 at RevitCity


          Perhaps the CIVIL forums would be a better start? Revit isn't the greatest program for civil engineering....

          Don't think a paper on Revit for Architecture, Structure or MEP will be a good start for a Civil based class....

          So here is your link to start out with.....Civil Engineering and BIM
          Michael "MP" Patrick (Deceased - R.I.P)


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